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Reiki In Manchester City Centre

My name is Cathlyn and I will tell you a little about what I offer and how this can benefit you. If you have any questions you can contact me by ringing the "call 07487631957" contact number or clicking the "click here to email" button on the home page.

I started my Reiki Healing Journey back in 2006. Reiki is the ancient art of healing by touch. Reiki is a Japanese word [REI] – [KI] Rei means “Universal” and Ki means “Life Force Energy” therefore the word Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”. The word Reiki is pronounced “Ray – Key”. Reiki is wonderful and relaxing, the more Reiki you have the more balanced you become. Children and Babies love it too and it is very safe and relaxing to have during 'pregnancy'

Reflexology Close To Manchester City Centre

I started my Reflexology journey back in 2007 training with the International Institute of Reflexology [IIR], gaining my Diploma in reflexology. The IIR is recognised internationally. Reflexology has a history spanning nearly 5000 years and has been practised by the Egyptians, Chinese and Indian cultures. I practise Hand and Foot Reflexology.


I continued my professional development and I trained in and received authorised Vertical Reflex Therapy [VRT],This is where the client is weight bearing and the top of the feet or hands are worked. This provides deeper access to reflex points making the treatment even more effective.

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I swiftly continued my training and completed post graduate and authorised training in Advanced Reflexology Techniques [ART]. ART uses other areas of the hands, such as the knuckles to make firm contact. Various contacts used are – sliding, constant pressure, and reflex rotary, pulsing & rubbing.

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A few years ago I became aware of Neuroflexology which fascinated me and decided to add this wonderful technique to my toolkit. Neuroflexology is a natural complementary therapy designed to switch on the body's own 'healing' system to repair the body. It is practised on the feet.

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Ear Candling Near Manchester City Centre

During my Reflexology training I found out about ear candling. It made so much sense, so gentle and yet so beneficial and effective at the same time. Thermo Auricular Therapy [TATh] is another name for ear candling and is the therapeutic use of Hopi Ear Candles. This is an ancient therapy that has been handed down to us by many civilisations. We are told that the Greeks used these for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual level. Much later the amazing benefits of the candles on a physical level were discovered. It is the Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona and their practice of the ear candle treatment that reached the rest of the world.

Healing In Fallowfield

Sapphire Healing is easily accessible from Manchester City Centre & Surrounding Areas, including Fallowfield, Victoria Park, Longsight, Rusholme, Moss Side, Withington, Chorlton, Didsbury & other areas. Fallowfield is on one of the main bus routes in and out of Manchester City Centre. Some of the main routes Fallowfield can be accessed by car is along the M60 - A6, M60 - A34, M60/M56 - A5103 [Princess Parkway]. Again there are many other routes and your navigation system will be able to guide you on this.

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