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Energy Healing In Manchester City Centre

My name is Cathlyn and I will tell you a little about what I offer and how this can benefit you. If you have any questions you can contact me by ringing "07487631957"

I started my Healing journey back in 2006 learning Reiki followed by various other healing modalities. Along this journey, I came to the conclusion that there is no simple one answer. The most important thing I discovered is, that there is no one who knows the truth of our dynamic beings except ourselves. We know our own bodies best of all. I continued to train, read, research, try things out myself to see what works and what does not. I realised that everything is energy and everything is healing. I wanted to take accountability and self responsibility for my own health and to be my own advocate and healer. Wellness is a lifelong process, and I still believe there are 'no one-answer fits all', as every being is different. It is about taking self responsibility and accountability for our own health, our own beautiful bodies, for the magnificent beings we are.

The energy, also known as our 'chi', gives us life. It is what makes and keeps us vibrant. When this energy or chi depletes we start to become lethargic and if this continues we become ill. Now that energy fields and meridians are being mapped even the most skeptical among us can celebrate this part of ourselves, rather than denying the existence of our beings. We can take charge of our health by tuning into our energy system, rather than waiting until our physical bodies are hurting and falling apart trying to get our attention. When we address any issues in our energy system as they arise, we allow them to realign and we become happier, healthier, and more resilient.

The body's energy system is like rivers. Occasionally these rivers get stuck with trees and from time to time they need dredging out, so they can flow again. Nobody heals anyone, the person heals themselves You need a facilitator to get you on that healing journey. When you align to your truth, then automatically healing takes place. Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing. If your body is kaput, you need to reinvest. You need to take ownership. The purpose of life is to have fun and make beautiful things. In order to do so we need to make sure our bodies last till we die. We need to stay vibrant!

When we do things like meditation or gratitude journaling our soul sings and this allows the inner wisdom and guidance to come through more easily. Our lives get so busy that we forget that there is more to us. These practices help us to slow down and also to remember who we are at a deeper level. When things happen that knock us emotionally and physically, we can realign and keep our energy flowing. We can use various tools such as walking in nature, other energy medicine techniques and processes, or by working on our meridians and acupressure points. There are many more tools out there. Everything is ultimately healing.

An abundance of health care exists within us and the more we use it, the more in tune we become. The different forms of energy medicine have amazing results and can keep us from falling into the trap of looking for purely external cures. And if we are ever in need of medical treatments, these energy healing modalities offer extra support. A lot of health problems arise from a general lowering of our energy. By sharing what we know, we keep ourselves, and others well and healthy. Children and Babies love any form of energy healing and it is very safe and relaxing to have during 'pregnancy'

No one else should be in charge of our energy, our bodies, or our wellness. Self healing is about taking charge of our own existence, taking self responsibility and taking our rightful places as the driving force behind our health and wellbeing.

'We Communicate Through Energy'

In the above link Bruce Lipton gives an amazing and inspiring explanation of the New World and the evolution of consciousness that is taking place. "He explains that we are an energy field, as is everything else around us. All these energy fields are without borders and interconnect with each other. Energy is communication beyond language. If you can read energy you are being guided, if you can't you don't know what is coming next. The key is to go back to the heart and feel. Your heart will give you a more accurate answer than your rational mind will ever do"

We connect with the timelessness
of our being. You can merge with the
energy and understanding that
"we are not body" We are the
intelligence and Divinity of the
Universe in human form coming
to dance and observe the nature of
matter and consciousness."

'A Neurosurgeon's Journey through the Afterlife'

In the above link Eben Alexander, a Neurosurgeon explains absolutely beautifully and so clearly about his experience of this other world, which he calls the 'Gateway Valley'. It slots in beautifully with all the other information. "He explains that this Gateway Valley is much more real than this life here on Earth. Everything is far sharper, clearer and more beautiful! You DON'T HEAR with the EARS and you DON'T SEE with the EYES, You BECOME others to feel the EMOTIONAL POWER of existence. The Gateway Valley is the realm between lives where we reunite with our Higher Souls and where we reunite with our soulmates. It is all about the LESSONS we are here TO LEARN. It is all about LEARNING in SOUL SCHOOL and GROWING. He talks about the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that exists in this realm. IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE!"

Japanese Face Massage Close To Manchester City Centre

'Tsuboki' Japanese Face Massage works on several levels and this is possibly why it is so effective. In the west, we too are beginning the realise that beauty is more than just a pretty face. The face is a complex network of muscles which are used constantly. Smiling, chewing, laughing, speaking, sneezing, yawning all cause facial muscles to contract. As these muscles are in almost constant use they begin to collect tension. Over time this causes constriction of muscle tissue and decreased circulation to the surface tissues. The wonderful thing about this massage is that it can improve the appearance of the face by working both the surface and deep musculature, as well as the skin.

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Healing & Reflexology

I started my Reflexology journey back in 2007 training with the International Institute of Reflexology [IIR], gaining my Diploma in reflexology. Reflexology has a history spanning nearly 5000 years and has been practised by the Egyptians, Chinese and Indian cultures. I practise Hand and Foot Reflexology. I continued my professional development training in Vertical Reflex Therapy [VRT], this is where the client is weight bearing and the top of the feet or hands are worked. This provides deeper access to reflex points making the treatment even more effective.

I swiftly continued my training and completed post graduate and authorised training in Advanced Reflexology Techniques [ART]. ART uses other areas of the hands, such as the knuckles to make firm contact. Various contacts used are – sliding, constant pressure, and reflex rotary, pulsing & rubbing. Following on from this, I found out about Neuroflexology and decided to add this wonderful technique to my toolkit. Neuroflexology is a natural complementary therapy designed to switch on the body's own 'healing' system to repair the body. It is practised on the feet.

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Ear Candling Near Manchester City Centre

During my Reflexology training I found out about ear candling. It made so much sense, so gentle and yet so beneficial and effective at the same time. Thermo Auricular Therapy [TATh] is another name for ear candling and is the therapeutic use of Hopi Ear Candles. This is an ancient therapy that has been handed down to us by many civilisations. We are told that the Greeks used these for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual level. Much later the amazing benefits of the candles on a physical level were discovered. It is the Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona and their practice of the ear candle treatment that reached the rest of the world.

Wellbeing In Fallowfield

Sapphire Healing is easily accessible from Manchester City Centre & Surrounding Areas, including Fallowfield, Victoria Park, Longsight, Rusholme, Moss Side, Withington, Chorlton, Didsbury & other areas. Fallowfield is on one of the main bus routes in and out of Manchester City Centre. Some of the main routes Fallowfield can be accessed by car is along the M60 - A6, M60 - A34, M60/M56 - A5103 [Princess Parkway]. Again there are many other routes and your navigation system will be able to guide you on this.

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