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"I have known Cathlyn since she commenced her training in 2007. I came to see her initially as a case study when she commenced her reflexology training and I think that the fact I am still coming to see her as a regular client 9 years later is credit to her excellent skills.
During this time Cathlyn has continued to develop her reflexology skills also training in reiki and hopi candles. I cannot recommend her services highly enough and she continues to help me develop as a person with her calm and assuring manner. The form of reflexology Cathlyn practices can sometimes be a little painful as it is a more intense form of massage however, the benefits far out way this as it has such an excellent effect on many ailments. I find reiki extremely relaxing helping to relieve any stress I may have in my life whilst at the same time helping me to re-balance my emotions. Hopi candles are again very relaxing helping to unblock your head also helping with colds and headaches and can relieve hay fever systems. The immense trust I have in Cathlyn after having known her for so many years allows me, on many occasions, to let her use her intuition to choose my treatment with excellent results every time."

"I found the Japanese facial massage extremely relaxing. I had a headache when I went for the first time and by the time I left, my head felt completely clear. The movements on my face were very soothing and my skin felt very nourished afterwards. I would highly recommend the treatment as it completely refreshes you and makes you feel revived and relaxed. I have had a few reflexology treatments now and for the first time in years, I have ankle bones! Cathlyn has managed to work miracles in removing the swelling around my feet and ankles so that my ankles now have more movement in them. My stomach constantly gurgles throughout the treatment, so I believe this is doing me good and cleanses my system. I also find the treatment very relaxing and it also helps clear your head. It is now something I always look forward to, helped by the fact that Cathlyn is such a lovely lady who helps you feel completely at ease right from the start."

"I have been visiting Cathlyn for various treatments for a number of years. I initially consulted her because of chronic back pain, which had worsened and which was not responding to other treatments. The reflexology and reiki treatments I have had have helped enormously in providing relief from the symptoms. Cathlyn is a very calm person and that helps you to feel less stressed immediately. She takes the time to get to know you and that helps her to choose the right treatment for you which will provide maximum benefit. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

This is a wonderful treatment very relaxing and you can feel the benefits for many days afterwards. The treatment consists of a light massage using oil and starting with the face. Light pressure is used around the meridians on the face stimulating the various acupressure points, removing toxins and helping with the ageing process. The massage then moves to around the ears and the neck. I have recently received a whiplash injury and this massage has definitely helped with this. I have now had a few treatments and feel that my skin has much improved, a more even colour and more moisturised. As always Cathlyn’s treatments are wonderful and I would certainly recommend a course of this treatment.

"Stress is something I have suffered with for a long time. I'm quite an emotional person and can take things that happen in life very personally, I also tend to take on other people's problems and sit them on my shoulders. So when it comes to the evening I can't sleep as I have lots of things running around my head. I find myself keeping busy to distract myself. This in turn makes me more tired and drained. Since having the reflexology I've found it much easier to relax at night and switch off. I always have a good nights sleep straight after reflex and then for the coming weeks after my sleep pattern got much better. I also suffer with tension in my shoulders due to stress and daily activities in life. The reflexology really gets to the root of my shoulder pain and relieves the aching. This in turn also helps remove the stress.
Cathlyn has worked on me with foot and hand reflex and also vertical reflexology on both. I particularly find the vertical reflex very powerful and effective. The minute I step through Cathlyn’s door I get an overwhelming sense of calm. The reflexology treatments I have with Cathlyn always relax me and send me home feeling soothed and tranquil. I am able to deal with daily stresses and emotions much easier. I wouldn't live without reflexology now."

Testimonials. Julia

" My name is Jolanta, I attended Cathlyn with my daughter Julia. My daughter has mild cerebral palsy that affects the weak leg muscles work. We have been going every week for Reflexology treatments. They always took place in a pleasant atmosphere, I think, that Cathlyn has a very good approach to children she is nice, friendly, courteous, and she is a person you can trust. My daughter was about at the age of 3. I have very good memories of the meetings, Already after entering the room, where treatments are carried out, we can feel the friendly, relaxed atmosphere that makes people feel relaxed and want to sit and lay down ... and just rest. Magic place!!! I would not be surprised if fairies lived there;) ... After treatment Julia was relaxed, it seems to me that less tense as well, relaxed. I also remember the Christmas cards Cathlyn gave us for Christmas. Christmas cards with tiny, sweet stickers depicting feet :) "

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