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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to wear?
You need to wear comfortable clothing and a top with thin straps that can be slipped over shoulders to free up the shoulders, back of shoulders and neck during the massage.

Do I need to remove my make up?
It is not necessary to remove your make up, as the face will be cleaned prior to the facial massage. If you prefer to remove any make up before arrival you can certainly do so.

Do you use any oil?
A Lovely light odourless oil is used during the massage. It is a particularly nice dry oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and very nourishing.

Will my hair get greasy?
A headband will be provided to keep the hair away from the face and neck. If any oil does get onto the hair it will be very minimal.

Do I need to tie my hair back?
It is best to leave your hair loose and down, as the head needs to be easily accessible for working the meridians. Any ties or clips can be removed on arrival.

Can men also have ‘Tsuboki’ Japanese Face Massage?
Men can also enjoy the benefits of the 'Tsuboki' Japanese face massage. It would be helpful to have a shave prior to having the massage to remove any stubble. This would ensure maximum comfort and flow during the facial massage.

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Does Reflexology have to be painful?
One very important point to remember that this is a Treatment and not a Massage. It can and will be adapted to the need of the person having the treatment. The Chinese have a saying on this very subject and it is called "sweet pain". Contrary to what you have been told or heard, a positive stimulus is much more beneficial than one which is hardly felt. It is better if people stay awake during a Reflexology treatment. There should be a dialogue between the client and the practitioner to find out where the most disturbed reflexes are on the feet, so these areas of congestion can be broken down. If a person falls asleep the practitioner will still be able to give a good treatment and find disturbed reflexes. However, we need the client's engagement in the treatment so the practitioner is able to find out the level of the disturbance in a reflex area. The very gentle 'energetic' approach is very beneficial for people under a great deal of stress or who perhaps suffer from insomnia, as it induces physical and mental relaxation causing them to fall asleep.

Does reflexology cause certain conditions to deteriorate?
No it does not. It would be an amazing discovery if it were possible to stop the heart by pressing on a certain area of the feet. If Cancer was to spread or weak kidneys to deteriorate. It would be impossible to live. It would mean that it would be dangerous for sick people to walk barefoot on uneven or pebbly ground or a pebbly beach, as it would be life threatening to their health with possible dire consequences. 'Reflexology is regenerative and not degenerative.'

Can anyone have Reflexology?
Yes, nearly always everyone can have a reflexology treatment as long as the guidelines are adhered to. Here are a few. I would look at whether the person is very frail, has any acute foot conditions, has had recent surgery or maybe not very mobile. I adapt the type of Reflexology to the person's condition. People who have recently had surgery or been unwell will benefit more from a healing and relaxing reflexology treatment that brings comfort. Reflexology after surgery is very beneficial as it will aid the healing process. People who have been immobile for some time will benefit from a type of Reflexology treatment that will invigorate the body.

Can I have Reflexology when I have a verruca?
Yes, you can, as this would be covered with micropore tape.

Can I still have reflexology if I have hard skin on my feet?
Yes you can. However, it is helpful if you can have a pedicure before you come for your Reflexology treatment to remove any hard skin. This will make it easier for the practitioner to access the reflex areas and it will be kinder to the Practitioner's hands.

Is there a limit to the number of Reflexology treatments I can have?
You can have as many treatments as you would like. This depends on your personal circumstances and also time availability. You can have weekly treatments if this is something that helps you to maintain health and gives you a sense of well being. Equally you can have monthly or 6 weekly treatments or every few months.

Does Reflexology have any side effects?
You may feel tired or achy after a treatment. Equally you can feel very energised or just want to go to sleep. You may need to use the toilet more frequently. All these symptoms are normal and are only temporary and generally disappear within a few hours or a couple of days.

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How often should I have a Candle Treatment?

  • Treatment 1 [week 1]
  • Treatment 2 [week 2 - one week later]
  • Treatment 3 [ week 3 -two weeks later]
  • Subsequent treatments will be according to what the person needs
  • Monthly treatments generally prevent any recurrence
  • 4 - 6 monthly treatments for general healthy maintenance

    NOTE - the above advice is for guidance only. Everyone's situation is different and this can be discussed on an individual basis.

    Remember - Everyone is individual and everyone responds differently.

    I have had several treatments and and my sinus congestion is still there, why?
    Remember, the longer the person has had the problem the more treatments they will need. BUT is the person still eating dairy products? If they are then this is something that needs to be eliminated from their diet. Every time you have a treatment, mucous will be drained away, dairy products trigger the body to produce mucous, so the person will be filling up with more mucous each time they continue to eat more dairy products. You are taking two steps forwards and one step back every time.

    Why did my Tinnitus get louder following a treatment?
    Ear Candle treatments also improves hearing and for some people who suffer with Tinnitus this can happen immediately following their first treatment. As time passes the increased noise level reduces. Quite often it can be difficult for a person to notice a reduction in the noise level when they still hear noises.

    Do cotton buds stimulate ear wax production?
    It does not stimulate the production of ear wax. They are detrimental to use - earwax should work its way out naturally and by using a cotton bud you are pushing the wax back in. There is also a risk of it causing an infection, as sometimes the cotton can scratch the inside of the ear canal. It is also possible that the cotton part or some of the cotton can separate itself from the stick and get stuck in the ear.

    Does the Ear Candle stimulate earwax?
    The Ear Candle does not stimulate earwax. The Candle will act as a good moisturiser for dry ears and it calms the wax producing glands. This brings about balance.

    Are there any contraindications to using Ear Candles?
    It is advised that you do not have any Ear Candle treatment for the conditions listed below unless medical approval has been given.
  • Perforated eardrum or lack of eardrum
  • Grommets, any auricular drains or ventilation tubes of any kind.
  • Recent ear surgery
  • Auricular cysts
  • Acute mastoiditis
  • Otosclerosis or Otospongiosis
  • Ear Tumour

    Remember - if you are in doubt about any of the above conditions or any other problems you may have with your ears consult your GP or medical practitioner before having any Candle treatments. Similarly if you have any serious hearing defects, dizziness or are experiencing a lot of ear pain consult your GP or Medical Practitioner first before having any Candle treatments

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    Energy Healing does not have any side effects. It is Universal Life Force Energy. It flows through anything and everything. What people can experience is heat or cold sensations or tingling at times. You may also see some colours. Sometimes there may be an emotional response as old emotional wounds are released. Also, some people may feel very tired or extremely energised following the session or even giggly. You may also need to use the toilet more frequently. all these symptoms are temporary and usually disappear within a few hours to a few days.

    I am the facilitator creating a safe space in which the energy is able to flow, allowing healing to take place.
    The body knows how to heal itself, it just needs a little help.

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